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Atula Gupta

Atula GuptaAtula Gupta is a freelance writer from India. She is also an avid traveler, nature-lover and an advocate of culture & heritage conservation. With an academic background in science and an illustrious career in advertising, Atula now uses her creative skills to write for websites and international magazines about her numerous travel escapades and other subjects close to her heart. For more information about Atula, visit her personal blog.

Laura Roberts

Laura Roberts by Andrea HausmannLaura Roberts is a Montreal writer and hedonist, dabbling in a
variety of genres. She is best known as the editor-in-chief of the
online sex magazine Black Heart and
the columnist behind Hour.ca’s “V for Vixen.” Additionally, Laura
is a cheap eats fanatic, obsessive blogger, and a philosopher at
heart. You can read more of her work online at buttontapper.com.

Keith Kellett

Having written for fun while serving in the Royal Air Force, Keith Kellett developed his hobby into a business when he retired. He has published in many print magazines, and on the Web. With time on his hands, he produced more work, and found, to his surprise, it ‘grew and grew’ and was good enough to finance his other hobbies; travelling, photography and computers. He is trying hard to prevent it from becoming a full-time job! He lives near Salisbury, in the south of England, and is presently trying to get his head around blogging, podcasting and video. Check out his blog – Travelrat’s Travels and follow him on Twitter: @NomadKeith

Jay Otaigbe

Jay OtaigbeJay, born Johnston Otaigbe, in the notoriously pretty little borough of Hackney in East London, England, underwent a drastic transformation after being ferried across the water to San Diego in California by his mother at the age of eleven. No, his mother was not eleven, he was. He progressed to LA, the Grand Canyon and then New York until, by the age of 18, he had trekked the entire east coast of America on his own and with his own savings.

He developed a love for travelling and not too long after made a pilgrimage to Nigeria (yes, Otaigbe is a Nigerian name) and having managed to successfully dodge every scam artist in the country, decided that there must be more to Africa than Mercedes, Peugeot and Palm Wine. He still travels to Nigeria when he can and enjoys it, but would not advise it for those who have no family ties there. He moved eastwards and found the countries of Kenya, Tanzania and then South Africa. His eyes were opened by the beauty of the culture and surroundings, as well as the attitude of the powers that be to retain and enchourage the natural environment. He has a passion for travel throughout Africa that he cannot keep to himself, and he does not.

Anything he can share with you to make your trip to these destinations safer and more enjoyable, he will. You can read more about Jay at KenyaCheap.com.

Janel Atlas

Janel AtlasJanel Atlas, a freelance writer and editor, lives in northern Delaware, with her husband and two daughters. When she’s not daydreaming about her next trip, Janel’s writing parenting articles, cooking, doing yoga or hanging out with her family. You can contact Janel through her website, www.thewriteatlas.com.


Siri Shadduck

Siri ShadduckSiri is a freelance writer from Washington state. A regular globetrotter, she has lived in Buenos Aires, Germany, the Netherlands, Montreal, and Bangkok. You can find out more about Siri at Posh Lost.




Shannon Hurst Lane

Shannon Hurst LaneShannon Hurst Lane is the founder and publisher of GiftedTravel.com. She has written extensively about travel for over a decade and enjoys family trips and solo travel equally. She hopes to share her love of travel and inspire readers to explore their world with this site, and to get the most out of their journey. Her personal website, where she highlights the life of a travel writer, is ShannonLane.com. Shannon is also the creator of the award winning site TravelingMamas.com.