Calangute Beach, Goa

by Atula Gupta on March 27, 2010 · 2 comments

For most tourists, Goa in India is the place where you can forget time for a while. Here things move in their own sweet pace without the hassles of a fast edged life and the need to do ten things at a time. It is an ideal location for the counter therapy needed by work obsessed individuals. A land where you can just laze around, relax and keep laptops & planners at bay while enjoying a dip in the sea and the fiesta on land.

Recline and Relax, courtesy diametrik via Flickr

Recline and Relax, courtesy diametrik via Flickr

Although every single shore of the Arabian Sea touching the Goan landscape is mesmerizing, there are a few beaches that seem like the crowning glory of this spectacular destination.

One among them is the Calangute Beach in North Goa.

The Beach

Calangute beach is just 15 Km away from the state capital Panajim and that makes it very easy to locate and reach. With narrow roads and coconut trees lining the path, a rented two-wheeler seems like the most preferred choice to move around while you also take in the beauty of the land.

As you reach closer and closer to the beach, two things catch your attention. The strong smell of wet shores alluring you towards the sea and the countless shops lining the street sides selling everything from trinkets, toys, books, bells, hats, grocery to the obvious beach wear.

goods for sale by Paul Mannix

Street Vendors, courtesy Paul Mannix via Flickr

Nearer the shores, are endless shacks smelling of sea-food and busy preparing some of the most mouth-watering preparations of sharks, crabs, lobsters, shrimps, mussels and other catch-of-the-day.

It isn’t easy to leave all those temptations behind, but not difficult either once you have seen the sea. Calangute is like one large stretch of uninterrupted, heavenly piece of land where the sea loves to dance around like a flamboyant flamenco dancer.

Once you are here, the feet automatically choose the shortest distance towards the water leaving footprints on the golden sand and finally letting the saline water engulf you with open arms.


Coastline, courtesy diametrik via Flickr

Coastline, courtesy diametrik via Flickr

The complete stretch is safe and filled with everything a beach essentially means. Frolicking families, aroma of sea food wafting from the shacks, eager hands building sand castles, colorful crowds, beach umbrellas, and also hippies scattered here and there, who actually discovered this beach in the 60s and made it so popular around the world.

What to do

Along with the sun, sand and the sea to your disposal, Calangute also offers adventure sports like parasailing, water skiing and wind surfing. The seafood is well accompanied by local liquor made of cashew nuts called the feni. And during the afternoons, when the sun is a little hard to bear, you can always indulge in endless street shopping at the Tibetan market, Saturday bazaars or other street shops.

Up, up and Away, courtesy $holaydevil via Flickr

Up, up and Away, courtesy $holaydevil via Flickr

When to visit

The period from June to October brings heavy rains in Goa and therefore is avoidable. Anytime after October till February is good time to visit. March to May is good too if you do not mind the sunny summer.

Sunset, courtesy diametrik via Flickr

Sunset, courtesy diametrik via Flickr



1 Tanmay March 29, 2010 at 7:33 pm

Viva Goa !!

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Great , simple Fantastic .
Calangute beach is great palce to visit in goa ,
Here i come goa …

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